The simplest way to have your online menu.

Allows your customers to pay using Bitcoin Cash

Your customers can order directly from your menu – they don't have to wait to make an order.

This saves time for your waiters, and you money!

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Scan the table's QR code

Each table in the venue has its own QR code. generates these for the venue and they can be printed with just a few clicks.


Order from the menu

The venue has their menu entered into You can order directly from there!


Pay for the order

You'll see a summary of your order on the bottom of the screen. When you press "Buy", a Bitcoin Cash address is generated for your order. You can either scan the QR code for the order or tap "Open Wallet" to open the order in your default wallet.



The employee will bring your order directly to your table. As each table has a unique QR code, the waiter knows where to deliver the order to. Easy!

Features offers just the number of features you need to create your online menu.

Create Menu

You create your own menu in an intuitive and simple editor that shows you directly how your menu will look like.

Simple Point-Of-Sale

All orders will be displayed live in a simple and clear point of sales system. Optionally, your waiters will receive a notification for each order directly onto their phone.

Print QR Codes

Once you've entered all the tables of your store, will generate pages of the QR codes that can then be printed and installed at each table.


Currently, is free, but will charge a fee of 0.1% to max. 1% in the future.
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